Today’s Gossip 05/24/08

It’s a three day weekend! It’s nice and sunny out, but I’d really like to see about five to ten degrees more in temperature. However, it’s not raining, so I’ll take it. The cookout isn’t until tomorrow, so until then, let’s do a little catch up with some celebrity gossip. Let’s dish a little.

Many of us were shocked when Cristian de la Fuente made the shocking decisions to continue on in Dancing With the Stars, despite tearing a tendon in his arm and needing surgery. He put off the surgery, only to come in third place after all, when his dances with Cheryl Burke began to look too odd being done with one arm. His doctor is saying now that he was able to get a “perfect repair of the bicep,” and after a week in a splint, Cristian will begin rehab. No word on whether dancing with the injury made it worse, but I’m still shaking my head on Cristian risking that just to get his hands on that disco ball trophy.

I, and many others, were shaking our collective heads at The Bachelor’s Matt Grant’s decision to choose to propose to Shayne Lamas out of the stable of twenty-five beautiful ladies he was presented with. Then photos popped up last week of Shayne posing as cover girl for Girls Gone Wild magazine. She isn’t clothed in at least one of the shots and in others she is simply in lingerie, but everything is covered somehow. Matt states he stands behind her on this and thinks it’s all just a “storm in a teacup.” It all just seems like further proof that her father, Lorenzo Lamas, was correct that she was in this to further her acting career. I’m putting my money on it not lasting past Labor Day.

Members of Russia’s Communist Party are all in an uproar over the new film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They believe the filmmakers have made the huge mistake of undermining communist ideology and distorting history. They are claiming in 1957 they “did not send terrorists to the States,” but instead launched a satellite that “evoked the admiration of the whole world. What? The movie isn’t true? Indiana Jones isn’t a real archaeologist? I suppose the next thing you’ll tell me is that Iron Man isn’t real either and neither is the relationship of Matt and Shayne.

Something that definitely is real is New York’s Chelsea Hotel. Premiering this weekend at the Cannes Film Festival is Abel Ferrara’s Chelsea On the Rocks, a documentary about the hotel’s rock ‘n roll past. Many rockers have many stories to tell about their time there, as Leonard Cohen supposedly wrote a song about sharing a bed with Janis Joplin in one of the rooms, and Sid Vicious’ girlfriend, Nancy Spungen died of a stab wound in the hotel. Included in the documentary are interviews with those to have spent time there, and two actors playing the roles of Joplin and Vicious. If the walls could talk … I’d offer up a small fortune to see what they were saying.

Off to do research to find out just what else isn’t real in the entertainment world. I might be gone for some time if I start checking into plastic surgery records.

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