T.R. Knight Injured In Crash

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T.R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy just can’t stay out of the news, whether it’s a coworker dissing him, rumors of him leaving the popular show on ABC or getting in a three-car accident in Hollywood.

TMZ posted pictures of the after effects of the crash. He appears to be okay in these photos, but two other people at the crash were whisked away by ambulance. Think he had any pertinent medical knowledge to lend?

Photo courtesy of tv.yahoo.com

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What’s Hot On TV Tonight - The Grammy Awards

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The Grammys are on tonight with Lil Wayne and Coldplay leading the pack with the amount of nominations. They’ll be performing as well, along with many others. It just makes me even more anxious to see the Oscars is on in two weeks. It still seems odd to have the Oscars on in February instead of March.

1. High School Musical 2. Call the kids in. Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens are back. 3:00 PM CT Disney

2. Pro Bowl: From Honlulu. For the past several years, the AFC and NFC have alternated victory. NFL won last year. This year we have Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner facing off. 3:30 PM CT NBC

3. Almost Famous. What could be cooler to a teenage guy than to get to follow around a rock band for awhile, then write about it for Rolling Stone? 3:30 PM CT HBO 2 West

4. Live From the Red Carpet: The 2009 Grammy Awards. Watch this tonight to find out what all the rock stars are wearing to the big event, plus interviews with Giuliana Rancic. 5:00 PM CT E!

5. 60 Minutes. Hero of the moment US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger is intervewed by Katie Couric. Also, Coldplay, up for sever Grammy Awards, is profiled with lead singer Chris Martin being interviewed. 6:00 PM CT CBS

6. America’s Funniest Home Videos. Videos highlighted tonight include babies’ first words, the reactions of teenagers seeing a childbirth video in health class, and a dog impersonating E.T. 6:00 PM CT ABC

7. Hole In the Wall. This week it’s trapeze artists going against circus performers and professional fighters going against backyard wrestlers. 6:00 PM CT Fox

8. Grammy Awards. From the Staples Center in L.A., we’ll get performances by Lil Wayne, Coldplay, U2, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Kenny Chesney, the Jonas Brothers, Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kayne West, and T.I.. 7:00 PM CT CBS

9. Dateline NBC. The financial-bailout package is examined and how it’s meant to jump-start the economy. 7:00 PM CT NBC

10. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. After losing their home to a fire, and having their father and eldest son drown, the Girard family gets a new home from Ty and the team, while they vacation in Disney World. 7:00 PM CT ABC

11. King of the Hill. Peggy has a baby shower for Luanne, and Lucky’s sister and kids attend. The sister and Peggy clash over how Luanne will raise her baby, as Peggy is old-fashioned, and the sister is more modern. 7:30 PM CT Fox

12. XIII. In the first of two parts, after the first female president is assassinated, a man wakes up in a forest with no memory and XIII tattooed on his chest. His reflex and instincts make it seem as if he is responsible for the assissination, and he is then forced to uncover who he really is. 8:00 PM CT NBC

13. Desperate Housewives. Bree buys a new car, yet Lynette and Tom are selling his Mustang as they need the money. Susan wants to send MJ to a certain school, but she and Mike can’t afford it. Gaby enlists in Edie’s boot camp to get back in shape, and Lee considers telling Lynette and Tom disturbing facts about Dave. 8:00 PM CT ABC

14. American Dad. Stan is thrilled, but a little hypher, when a coworker gives him some meds that will help him stay up all night. He’s shocked to find he’d rather spend time with Francine, than on his hobbies. 8:30 PM CT Fox

15. Brothers & Sisters. Rebecca goes to her father for advice after she finds out about Tommy’s scheme to boot Holly from the family business, and Nora is contacted by someone from William’s past.

Photo courtesy of popcrunch.com

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What’s Hot On TV Tonight - Budweiser Shootout

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It seems the network programmers have all but given up programming for tonight. Aren’t we supposed to be in Sweeps? For new programming during the primetime hours, we have the Budweiser Shootout and 48 Hours Mystery. That’s it. The NASCAR race explains a little of why we had Fox’s Saturday programming on Friday night, as I guess they figure police and FBI work is more important than 5th grade knowledge and knowing the lyrics to songs, but what’s with the rest of the night being all repeats?

1. Bridge to Terabithia. This children’s sci-fi movie stars Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, and Zooey Deschanel. Two kids find some common ground with the need to escape through fantasy. Find out why it pulled me in emotionally at Sazze. 12:00 PM CT Starz 4

2. Skate for the Heart. A jazz-infused skating exhibition showcasing Kenny G, to raise awareness of heart disease. Featured skaters will include Ekaterina Gordeeva, Jeffrey Buttle, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Caryn Kadavy, Irina Slutskaya, Viktor Petrenko, Rudy Galindo, Steven Cousins, and Jozef Sabovcik. 3:00 PM CT NBC

3. Bobby. A really interesting movie written, directed, and co-starring Emilio Estevez along with all his friends. It’s fictional, yet based on truth, on what could have gone down at the hotel the day before Bobby Kennedy was shot. Read more at Sazze. 6:30 PM CT Showtime 2 West Read more »

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What’s Hot On TV Tonight - Fox Thinks It’s Saturday

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This had me checking the calendar. I’m not sure why, but Fox is airing Cops and America’s Most Wanted tonight, when ithey have traiditonally always been on on Saturdays. I’m a bit confused, but that’s not something new. Maybe Fox has decided that none of us are smarter than 5th graders and that we’ve all forgotten the lyrics. In another oddity, every half hour show that appears in the second half hour of primetime is a repeat on every network, while the first half hours are all new.

1. St. Elmo’s Fire. One of the last of the brat pack movies with them finally making it out of high school and preparing to graduate college. Refresh your memory about this film at Sazze. 11:30 AM CT Oxygen

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen’s guest is Jennifer Aniston, promoting He’s Just Not That Into You. Stevie Wonder performs as well. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. Ghost Whisperer. Melinda must deal with an overbearing mom ghost. 7:00 PM CT CBS

4. Howie Do It. Aspiring models get asked to participate in an ad cmapgin for a cologne by wearing diapers, shoppers at a mall are left with a bad taste in their mouths because of bottled water samples, a man wanting to lang a gig as a kids’ show host puts on a pig costume and rolls around in the mud, and Alex does a hands-on meet and greet in the street. 7:00 PM CT NBC Read more »


American Idol - Explaining Bikini Girl

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I have to give it up to American Idol this season for listening to us and giving us what we want. They made changes in the past few years that were really nothing more than what Fox figured would get them better ratings, by giving them two-hour-long shows as often as possible, and giving us lots of bad auditions, to the point of seeing only a few each audition show of who got through, followed by Hollywood week jammed into just one day, and the rest of the season with performance shows.

This isn’t to say that they probably aren’t worried about ratings, but they aren’t manipulating the show to get that and sacrificing its purpose in the meantime. We only had three weeks of auditions this time, and saw more good than bad auditions, and now we have Hollywood week stretched back out into two weeks. After, we’ll go back to having the old style of semi-finals with two voted in from each group, and wild cards then added in as well, of the other people that were good enough to make it, but didn’t for one reason or another.

One of the promises made was that they would be giving us a chance to get to know the contestants again, instead of just thrusting them into performances. It gives us a chance to bond with these artists, so that we know what they’re about instead of just seeing them audition, then a moment or two from Hollywood. Read more »

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What’s Hot On TV Tonight - Dr. Morganstern Is Back

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Dr. Morganstern is back on ER in the show’s season-long good-bye to its legions of longtime viewers, and so am I. While William H. Macy returns to County General, I am back in my role letting you know what’s hot on TV every night. I was never really gone, but I have moved this list to its new home here, which I’m hoping will be a much more comfortable fit. If you’re new here, welcome!

1. Once. This is probably the most unique love story I’ve ever seen. Interestingly, the two stars of the show, Glen hansard and Marketa Irglova, have just broken up in real life. Read more at Sazze. 1:30 PM CT HBO2 West

2. The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen’s guests are Drew Barrymore, promoting He’s Just Not That Into You premiering on Friday, and Taraji P. Henson, nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. Martian Child. For every kid who has ever felt lonely and like he didn’t fit in, here’s a boy that feels that so deeply, he either pretends or figures he must be from another planet. Read more at Sazze. 5:30 PM CT HBO East

4. My Name Is Earl. Randy wins the lottery with a scratch-off ticket, then gets hit by a bike, and he chalks it up as karma and makes his own karmic to-do list. Joy tries to get better witness-protection identity from the FBI. 7:00 PM CT NBC Read more »

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American Idol - Hollywood Cheat Sheet

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Our weeks of auditions weren’t as long as in years past, but still, it’s hard to remember back three weeks ago to when these auditions first started. Who are we looking for on Tuesday? Who have we already seen that we hope makes it? Since I’m having a hard time remembering, I thought I’d make up a cheat sheet of the people we know made it through, and what we know about them so far.

Emily Wynne-Hughes, 21, Los Angeles. She had piercings and tattoos. She was bad at everything in school, so saw performing as her only choice. She’s a singer in an all girl rock ‘n roll band, and is ready to ditch them all if she makes it. She sang Barracuda, and Simon liked her because she was different, Paula thought she was top five, and Kara thought she was serious. Randy liked her dedication. There were articles in TMZ about her showing her butt and also working in the tattoo parlor where Britney Spears went right after she shaved her head.

J.B. Ahfua, 16, Taylorsville, Utah. He had a really pretty voice, but didn’t seem exciting enough, although the younger fans will like him. Simon liked his voice, but wants him to loosen up. All four voted yes, and he started crying outside the audition room saying it could change his family, as they’re really struggling.

Arianna Afsr, 16, San Diego. She started singing at 6 dong karaoke and has begun her own foundation, Adopt-A-Grandfriend, with teens that entertain at a senior ccenter. She sang Put Your Records On, and Simon thought she had a good voice with Paula agreeing and telling her she was stunning and that the song was right for her. Kara liked her and thought she was cute as a button. Randy liked the break in her voice with the falsetto.

Stevie Wright, 16, Phelan, California. She got her name from Stevie Nicks and wanted to be bubbly to show her personality. Oddly, she sang At Last, definitely not bubbly. Kara was saying wow at points, Paula thought she had nice control, and Simon wanted her to be more selfish. Randy thought she was born with it. Simon wanted to see her grow some teeth, and Paula saw Kelly Clarkson strength in her.

Jeremy Michael Sarver, 28, Jasper, Texas, a roughneck. He’s away from his wife and kids for seven days straight on the job, and this could make a difference for his family’s future. He sang Thank You with a country/R&B sound. When Randy closed his eyes, he though MIchael sounded good, but didn’t like his look. Kara agreed, as did Paula, while Simon recognized his likability.


Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell, 20, Chino Hills, California, a model. She loved Ryan and had already picked out their children’s names. She wanted to make out if she got picked. Simon called her smart for auditioining in a bikini, as she sang Vision of Love. Simon said yes, upsetting Kara, and Randy agreed with the Brit. Katrina and Kara got into a singing match. Katrina kissed Ryan out by a pool, then jumped in, with him going in after her.

Brianna Quijada, 22, Tempe, Arizaona, a college student. She danced while she was waiting and said “Oh my gosh!” when she walked in front of the judges. San sang Let’s Hear It For the Boy. Simon was sure her personality was what got her in there, and Kara noted that that wasn’t a bad thing. Brianna had also prepared to sing Band of Gold and Killing Me Softly, and Paula asked for some of the latter. She called Simon “Simie.” Randy and Kara voted no, and Paula and Simon voted yes.

Deanna Brown, Louisville, Kentucky. She sang Sitting On the Dock of the Bay. Randy and Kara liked her, with Kara noting she thinks she’d remember Deanna’s voice on the radio. Paula agreed and thougth she was beautiful with great presence. Simon wondered if she tried to get into the business before, and she said she did, but just didn’t step into the right opportunity. Ryan acted like her family when she came out and called her mom for her.

Cody Sheldon, 17, Detroit. He reminded me of Danny Noriega without the edge. He always loved music, because he likes to captivate people. One of his friends offered to be his crying girl in the audience. He enjoys making horror films. He sang Wonderful World, and Kara called it surprising, thinking his voice and look didn’t add up.

Alex Wagner Trugman, 19, Studio City, California. He had answered Abkhazia, Zimbabwe, and Canada to Simon’s question of what countries he thought he’d be popular in. He taught himself to sing in his closet, but got sick because of a lot of mold in there. He missed a Spanish test to audition and mentioned he’d get a B for nothing if he didn’t get through. He sang Baby Come to Me, asking Randy to sing along on the chorus. Randy and Paula thought it worked, but Simon disagreed, prompting Alex to offer to sing God Save the Queen. Randy likened him to Joe Cocker while Simon though possibly a Cocker Spaniel. Alex told him it would be a good joke if it made sense. He got three yeses and a no from Simon.

Scott MacIntyre, 23, Scottsdale, Arizona, a singer/songwriter. He was born almost completely blind. He grew up playing the piano classicaly, and doesn’t let his eyesight hold him back, as he also skis and ballroom dances. He wants to be an inspiration to other people. Kara was impressed he entered college at 14 and also studied in London. He sang And So I Goes. Simon called him cool, Paula liked his voice in the softer tones, and Kara thought he was courageous to sing without his instrument.

Ashley Anderson, 20, Clarksburg, New Jersey. She sang Footprints In the Sand, cowritten by Simon, yet called it by the wrong name. He joked it was the best song he’d heard the whole time. Kara told her she had some chops, and she got four yeses. Ashley admitted to Ryan she planned purposely to stack the deck by picking the song written by Simon.

K.C. Carlson, 20, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a bubble tea maker. She sang A Thousand Miles and seemed very Disney-esque. Simon liked her and Paula agreed. Kara saw the whole package. With four yeses, she made it through.


Von Smith, 22, Greenwood, Missouri. He admitted to having a strange range and that he attempts things most guys wouldn’t. He wasn’t afraid to be who he is and hoped they don’t pick him apart too much. He sang Over the Rainbow and blasted the song. Randy thought he definitely has a voice and can sing, and Simon agreed, betting his family loves it when he sings like that. Paula voted absolutely yes, and Kara thought he had a good instrument where he could take risks that others couldn’t.

Michael Castro, 20, Rockwell, Texas. Jason’s brother has punked out dyed red hair in the front, and his smile is all Castro. He thought he and Jason were different, because Jason is more girly with that emotional thing he does. Michael just started singing twenty days before his audition. He sang Love For the Girl. Paula admitted it wasn’t bad for just starting out, and Simon called it “goodish,” but admitted he’s never really sure with the Castros if they’re really into it or not. Kara liked that he was sort of a ballsy dude, because of the secret vibe about him. He got four yeses.

Matt Breitzke, 27, Bixby, Oklahoma, a welder. He’s always wanted to sing for a living, but once he became a family man, married with a son, he put all that on hiatus for a day job. His wife, a fan of the show, encouraged him to try out. He sang Ain’t No Sunshine, with a great blues riff to it. Randy thought he might be just a cool bar singer, but Kara disagreed, thinking he had natural talent. Paula agreed with Kara, liking the control of his vibrato. Simon liked his heart and ambition. Randy voted no, and everyone else voted yes.

Jessica Furney, 19, Wamego, Kansas. She called her hometown the capitol of Wizard of Oz. She lives with and takes care of her 93-year-old grandmother who told the camera she was taking her crazy pill. If there were anything she wanted in her life, it would be do music for a living. She sang Cry Baby with great power. Simon liked her and thought she stood out, and Randy thought she was a natural. It was a great birthday present for her that all four voted her through.

India Morrison, 22, Kansas City. She auditioned with her sister,  Asia McCain. They both sang a rap song, an original called Cookie, that they dedicated to Randy. India was the second to sing indiidually. Simon liked her, and Kara liked both her and her sister. Oddly, Asia pointed out they weren’t twins, which was obvious. Asia cried for her sister after she got through, saying she just came to support her sister. Simon called her a nice lady, wanting a sister like that.

Jamar Rogers, 26, MIlwaukee, Wisconsin. He sang California Dreaming. Paula told him he could sing, but it got too loud and went off pitch. Kara thought it was a bit overdone, while Randy also thought it was over the top with the facial movements.

Danny Gokey, 28, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a church music teacher. He’s Jamar’s best friend. It was an emotional sacrifice to audition, as his wife had just passed away four weeks previous, and they used to perform together.The doctors told him there was nothing they could do for her. He told them to do whatever it would take and prayed. He wanted people to see who she was through him. He sang I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Paula liked him, saying she didn’t expect that out of him. Kara called herself a fan, thinking he had a lot of heart and soul. Simon really liked him as well, and Randy thought he was one of the best they had seen. He pounded fists with the judges, then told his wife it was for her.


Anoop Desai, 21, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He did his undergraduate thesis on southern culture, focusing on BBQ. He sang Thank You very soulfully, and was dressed in a button down shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals. Paula told him she didn’t expect that out of him, while Randy thought he had some crazy vocals. Simon thought it was a geeky look, like he just came out of a meeting with Bill Gates or something. Randy voted yes if they could hook him up with a wardrobe.

Asa Barnes, 28, Kansas City, Missouri, a band director at a middle school. He wants his students to have a good experience they’ll carry through the rest of their lives. He’s also a father, which he called the most important thing to him. He plays his drums while his little girl played on her own little drum set. He sang The Way You Make Me Feel. Simon liked him, but didn’t understand why he did a song like that. Asa told him he liked it. Paula told him when people sing Michael Jackson, it’s usually a disaster; that wasn’t.

Dennis Brigham, 19, Glen Carbon, Illinois. He had a dream about Simon where he called him the best they saw all day. He started with a backflip, then mentioned his dream. He sang With You. Simon said he was a bit crazy and didn’t get it, as Dennis launched into another song. Simon voted no, but the others yes.

Lil Rounds, 23, Memphis, Tennessee, a customer service rep. She has three children, and they’re trying to recover from the tornado that ripped up their apartment. She sang All I Do. Kara really liked her, and Paula loved the audition, thinking Lil has it going on, one of the best she’d heard. She wanted Lil to tell whoever told her to stop dreaming to go kiss her little behind. Simon thought she was fantastic and liked the retro classy think she had, calling her a singer’s singer. Randy thought she was a mixture of Fantasia and Mary J. Blige. Kara thought she was one of the best to walk through there.

Tatiana Del Toro, 23, San Juan, Puerto Rico. She saw a psychic before auditioning who said she’d make the top 12. She had a very annoying laugh. Simon thought the press picture of her was quite naughty. She sang Never Loved a Man, which Simon thought she shouldn’t have done. Kara commented about the outlandish dress she was wearing. Tatiana pleaded with her hands over her heart. Simon didn’t like she was trying to copy others, but Paula thought she’d color things up. Randy thought the problem was she wanted to be R&B.

Jésus Valenzula, 29, North Highlands, California, a fleet manager. He watches the show with his kids every year, and they wanted him to audition. He sang Nice & Slow. Simon told him it won’t work, and he won’t win. Kara and Paula didn’t think he had a bad voice. Jésus brought his kids in, and then sang Unchained Melody. Simon still said no, but the others now said yes.

John Twiford, 27, Sherman Oaks, California, a music teacher. He sang Overjoyed.

Allison Iraheta, 16, Los Angeles. She sang Natural Woman.

Raquel Houghton, 28, Los Angeles, a waitress and bartender. She sang Son of a Preacher Man.

Adam Lambert, 26, Hollywood. He’s currently on stage in Wicked, and has been singing since he was 10. His parents put him in musical theater because he was hyperactive. He sang Bohemian Rhapsody, changing the melody a little. Paula thought he was good and one of the most diverse. Simon called him theatrical, and Kara said if he’s good, they should put him through. Randy thought he was good and that it was probably time for someone like him. He admitted seeing Paula perform when he was 10.

Kai Kalama, 26, San Clemente, California. He plays music at night and takes care of his mom with a seizure disorder during the day. He’s not even dating anyone because of taking care of his mom, which makes it hard for her to know he makes so many sacrifices for her. He wants to make sure she’s always taken care of. He sang Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Simon thought he had a good voice, but had the personality of a ship singer. Paula thought he could work on that, while Kara thought he was cute, but needed to stand out. Simon told him to watch him on American Idol to learn confidence.

Joanna Pacitti, 23, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mother wanted her to go in and kick ass. Joanna moved to L.A. on her own at 16 and thinks it forced her to grow up really fast. She’s lost confidence lately. Kara recognized her as someone who was signed before to a record deal, leading to many fans getting upset by this. She sang We Belong. Kara liked her, and Randy encouraged her to jump out at them.

Brent Keith Smith, 28, Blanchester, Ohio, a traveling musician. He sang Can’t Get Enough. Paula was surprised he had it in him. Simon thought it was ridiculous, thinking he should have sang a more emotional song and thinking this was “busker-ish.” Kara and Simon got into a fight over him.

Matt Giraud, 23, Kalamazoo, Michigan, a dueling piano player. He started playing four years ago. He sang I Don’t Wanna Be. Paula liked his different tone, as did Kara. He reminded Simon of Elliott Yamin, but he didn’t think Matt believed in himself. Matt got four yeses.

Alexis Grace, 20, Memphis, Tennessee, a stay-at-home mom. Growing up for her was a lot of fun, as it included a lot of music. She had her little girl when she was 19, and she and the baby’s father want to get married, but he’s in military school right now. She sang Got to Feel Good. Paula wants to see her work on stage presence, and Simon thought she had a recognizable face. Kara liked her on voice alone and advised her to not wear pink. She wanted her to dirty herself, going home and making love to her fiance.

Kris Allen, 23, Conway Arkansas, a Business Major.

Felicia Barton, 26, Virginia Beach, Virginia, a bar singer/mom.

Ryan Johnson, 27, Cincinnati, Ohio, a railroad worker.

Shera Lawrence, 23, Bowling Green, Kentucky, an orthopedic office assistant.

Leneshe Young, 18, Cincinnati, Ohio, a college student. She was with her single mom who raised Leneshe and her siblings in and out of shelters. Her mom doesn’t even remember anymore what it’s like to not struggle. Leneshe was very confident walking in for her audition. She sang a song she wrote herself. Simon loved her, thinking the audition was quirky and fun. Paula loved her lyrics, and Randy thought it was hot. Kara thought she was cute and original.

Joshua Ulloa, 22, Beverly Hills, Florida, a tile layer. He compared himself looks-wise to Guarini, then sang Let’s Get It On, adding in sound effects. Randy giggled and enjoyed it. Simon told him that in parts it was good, but other parts it was corny and gimmicky, as he compared it to Inspector Gadget. Randy thought it was at least entertaining.


Sharon Wilbur, 25, Jacksonville, Florida, a non-profit administrator. She brought her Shih-tzu dog in with her, who spent the audition on Simon’s lap while Sharon sang Superstar. Kara thought she was doing Britney voice affectations, and Paula thought the dog was bored. Simon and Randy both said yes, as Kara and Paula pretended to make out, then said yes as well.

Julissa Veloz, 19, Orlando, Florida, a sales associate. A Miss Florida Latina USA, she wants to be the first Latin-American Idol. She was wearing a beauty queen sash that said Candidaia, candidate in Spanish. She sang I Have Nothing. Simon didn’t like it and her throaty laugh bugged him. Kara was on the edge of her seat, and Paula felt forgotten about at the four judge table. She and Julissa walked off together, making kissing noises backstage, and when they came back, Julissa had four yeses.

Jasmine Murray, 16, Starkville, Mississippi. Her sisters and mom came to the audition with her. She sang Big Girls Don’t Cry. Simon told her she was cute, commercial, and a very good singer, and Paula agreed. All four judges said yes.

Anne Marie Boskovich, 22, Nashville, Tennessee, a waitress/nanny. She was in awe to be sitting in front of Kara. She sang a little of one of Kara’s songs, and Simon told her he didn’t know what the problems was with her. Randy thought she had a great voice and natural talent, but didn’t see herself as a star. Simon told her to leave and come back as a different person. When she came back she was wearing different makeup and different shoes. She sang Bubbly. Randy thought she had a really good voice and that the whole thing was trying to get the star persona out.

T.K. Hash, 23, Concord, North Carolina, an administrator. He auditioned last year and didn’t make it. He sang Imagine, putting lots of interesting runs into it. Paula told him he could definitely sing and sounded even better this year. Randy agreed, but thought it may have been too over the top. Paula thought he was inspired by David Archuleta. All four voted him through.

David Osmond, 29, Provo, Utah. He’s the son of Alan, Donny and Marie’s older brother, and grew up watching footage of his famous family. His dad has MS now and admits that’s why he gave up the music business. It was heartbreaking as he started to cry, noting his son now has it as well. David is currently in remission and out of the wheelchair. He sang Something Within Me, and Paula mentioned being concerned he was singing a song by a group and not a solo artist. It was hard for Kara to tell with all the runs, and Simon told him being contemporary would be a mistake.

Frankie Jordan, 24, Hollywood, a stay-at-home mom. She wants to do the show now that she’s had her baby and told Randy it’s her true passion. She sang You Know I’m No Good, but seemed to copy Amy Winehouse too much. Simon thought she had a good voice and a cute face. Paula agreed about the voice, and everyone said yes.

Megan Corkrey, 23, Sandy, Utah, a font designer and mother. She recently decided to get a divorce. She cried a lot but her little boy helped her through it, helping her heal. The auditions coming up just after the divorce seemed like a crossroads in her life. She sang Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine. Randy thought there might be something there. Paula bordered on loving her. Simon called it one of his favorite auditions, because she was different. He knew he’d remember this one. Kara thought she had a glow about her and an incredible face.

Austin Sisneros, 17, Riverton, Utah, a senior class president. He wanted to audition to inspire people to follow they dreams. He sang When I Look to the Sky. Randy thought he was okay, and thought it a weird song choice. Austin then sang his other song choice, a song by Raffi. Simon called it the worst song so far, but Randy thought he did have a voice, just weird song choices. Kara thought he had a nice face, and Paula agreed. He got four yeses.

Taylor Vaifanua, 16, Hurricane, Utah. She and her family just moved back from Samoa. She’s 5′11 and called the guys in the U.S. really short, reminding Randy of Jordin Sparks. She sang Joyful, Joyful and impressed Kara, who also saw her practicing in the bathroom. Paula liked her tone, and Randy thought it was one of the best vocals he had heard this season. Everyone said yes.


Rose Flack, 17, Rathdrum, Idaho. Her dad died when she was 13, and her mom a few years later. She now lives with her best friend’s family. She wishes her parents were here to see her excel. She sang I Feel the Earth Move. Paula told her she had a beautiful face and a beautiful aura, but her vocals needed work. Simon didn’t think it was the best song choice, but admitted there was something about her he loved. Randy liked her cool vibe. She got four yeses.

Jorge Nuñez, 20, Carolina, Puerto Rico, a college student. He thinks he has what it takes because he sings with his heart and thinks he’ll rock America with his voice. He sang My Way. Paula asked how he sang in English, and he then sang What a Wonderful World. Kara liked his voice, but felt the Spanish song a little more, hearing pronunciation issues in the English version. Simon pointed out if they minded that, they should have gone to Omaha. Paula thought he had the power of Marc Anthony.

Melinda Camille, 21, Stratford, Connecticut, unemployed. She felt like she had a message for the rest of the world, as humanity is taking a shift right now. She wanted to uplift humanity to a place of love and positivity. She gets happy while dancing naked in her room. Simon wondered if her wanting to join a nudist colony was how she would give people happiness, then told her to imagine Randy naked. She sang Feeling Good. Randy liked the voice, but thought she fell of the melody a bit. Kara liked her, comparing her to a vitamin boost. She got four yeses.

Jackie Tohn, 27, Silver Lake, California. She started in the music business when she was little, as her dad played piano and she sang. He then told her to take up an instrument,, because a lot of people could sing, and gave her a guitar. She walked in with her guitar, but didn’t play it. She sang I’m Yours, and Simon asked to hear her normal singing voice. Paula liked that she was unpredictable and surprising. Randy liked her raspy tone, as did Kara. As Jackie asked for their advice, a large screen behind the judges fell down, and Simon told her to not ask who she should be.

Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, 27, Brookfield, Connecticut. He was dressed very flashy and Simon told him he hated comedy, so he discarded the glasses and headband, then launched into And I’m Telling You. Simon told him he promised not to make it funny, and he then told Simon he hurt him where you get kicked sometimes, which prompted Simon to mention he thought he would have liked it. Norman fought back with, “You mean the way you like it when Seacrest does it?” Simon told him that was funny. Norman then sang Amazing Grace and was good, then stood up and got nutty again. Paula and Kara loved him and begged Randy to say yes, and he did.

Ashley Hollister, 21, Hasbrouch Heights, New Jersey, a hair salon receptionist.

Kenny Hoffpauer, 16, Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Kendall Beard, 23, Austin, Texas, a college student.

Monique Garcia Torres, 16, San Juan. She brought her 9-year-old brother with her. He asked Paula where Simon was, then brought the judges a present, a shell that had broken. Simon took an immediate shine to him and asked if his sister was any Good. The brother thought they’d love her. She sang You Can’t Hurry Love and I Turn to You. Simon would have liked to hear her sing more in her range. Kara wished she had her brother’s confidence. Randy and Kara voted no, and Paula voted yes. After pouting at the brother, Simon put Monique through.

Patricia Lewis Roman, 20, Cacuas, Puerto Rico, a local singer. She brought her whole family with her, providing good memories, as this was where her parents were married. She sang I Wanna Love Somebody, and Simon didn’t think it was good enough, yet noted it was a hard song to sing. Kara knew she could sing and gave her thirty seconds of another song to change their minds, and she sang a Spanish song, getting her through, as her family gathered up their own band and celebrated through the building.

Photos courtesy of Fox

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What’s Hot In Hollywood - Support for Jessica Simpson

Posted in Daily Gossip on February 1st, 2009 by admin

Jessica Simpson.jpg

By support, I don’t mean her underwire; I mean other celebrities, many of them her friends. They want us to know they support her no matter what size she is and just hope she’s happy. That includes Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, sister Ashley Simpson-Wentz, and Simpson’s ex Nick Lachey. Carmen Electra pitched in her support and feels the same way I do, that her appearance is more a result of her choice in outfit than anything else. Simpson appeared in concert opening for Rascal Flatts Thursday and was clad in skin tight black leather, not looking nearly as chunky as she did in the “mom jeans”, per the picture published in People.com. Having said all that, I am very glad my body is not held to that same scrutiny.

Another one to have faced a lot of scrutiny, Britney Spears is getting a restraining order on her one-time manager as well as a one-time boyfriend, Osama “Sam” Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, according to Pop Eater. Spears’ attorney and her legal conservator, her father, believe that the two men, along with an attorney, have been trying to regain control of her affairs. As recently as late last year, Lutfi was trying to contact Spears by texting her, and she still regularly lets Ghalib know of her travel plans, and he then arranges for the paparazzi to be there, benefitting himself financially. As long as they all make sure she doesn’t shave her head again, it’s all good. Read more »

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American Idol - Old Simon Has a Heart After All

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We knew that all along, though, didn’t we? We knew Simon had a heart and that when push came to shove, he wouldn’t be out and out mean to anyone. It seems like every year we see a little more of that heart than the year before. This year, he’s nearly unrecognizable, save for a few cutdowns here and there. It’s like when he stood up to hug Renaldo Lapuz last year as he sang that he and Simon were brothers forever, that some of that love and good fellowship rubbed off on Simon.

Tonight, it was Simon that was putting people through and the other judges putting their foot down. Even with the very first contestant, Adeola Adegoke, Simon reached out to her. Upon hearing that she had turned in her resignation as a bank teller just to audition, Simon insisted on helping her get her job back. She insisted on continuing to sing, but once she finally resigned to leaving, Simon did call her boss and told her that Adeola was fantastic, and that she really needed her job back. It worked.

With Jackie Tohn, Simon gave her a few chances where he normally would have just rejected her straight out. After her first song, I’m Yours, didn’t come off too well, Simon advised her to sign a song in her normal voice. She did, and it came off much better. When Kara DioGuardi told Jackie she couldn’t wait to see what she’d do next, Jackie asked their advice on what type of thing she should do. Simon, after a huge screen came down and nearly lopped off all the judges’ heads in a very ominous move, told Jackie she should never ask who she should be, as it gives the worst impression. Yet, he put her through.


Very surprising was when Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, came in with one of those comedy routines that Simon hates. He was very bothered by it, but he laughed when Norman cracked a joke with a certain implication of Simon and Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality. Simon told him that was funny. He didn’t vote him through, but the others did. In years past I would have thought Simon would have kicked the guy to the curb after the crack about his sexuality. I thought only Ryan was allowed to make those types of jokes about him.

It was with 16-year-old Monique Garcia Torres where Simon just couldn’t hold back his heart. She brought her little brother with her into the audition, and Simon was quite enchanted with him. He asked the little brother, Christopher, if his sister was any good before listening to her. Simon kept smiling at Christopher throughout. Once Randy and Kara rejected her, and Paula voted yes, Simon looked over at Christopher with a pout, put Monique through, and told her to thank her little brother.

Just in case you’re still not convinced the guy with the big ego also has a big heart, look at the picture here to the right. This puppy wasn’t dumped in his lap. He nearly begged to hold it.

Photo courtesy of Fox

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American Idol - Is It the Guys or Alternative Rock?

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What I can’t get out of my head, especially after last night’s American Idol auditions in Salt Lake City, Utah, is what is happening to all the guys’ auditions? Kara DioGuardi mentioned in an interview at the beginning of the season that she thought it was going to be another guys year on the show, with them seeming to have more talent, but the past two weeks, we’re not really seeing them go through. We’re seeing the gals. And sometimes the guys that seem to have talent either aren’t getting through or are barely getting through.

Last night, it seemed like Austin Sisneros had to pull teeth to get that golden ticket. This was a cute clean-cut kid with a good voice. The girls would go ga-ga over him. (Am I dating myself with the term ga-ga? It was either that or “ape shit”) Granted, I’m still hung up on my Jon Peter-Lewis affection, but here was a guy that reminded me of him, plus seemed to be even more commercial without that joked about “pen salesman” look. Did he pick odd songs? Yeah, I mean Raffi? But he sounded amazing. It seemed like they were almost not going to let this kid through.

The night before, Michael Perrelli didn’t make it. Again, he was a good-looking kid, and many have been comparing him to Josiah Leming from last season. Josiah wrote his own songs, and had a great spirit about him. He had many fans just from the auditions and Hollywood rounds. He nearly made it, but the judges cut him just before the semi-finals. Michael seemed to have nearly the same talent, and sang a great Third Eye Blind song. I was really enjoying it, and they didn’t even give him a chance in Hollywood to prove himself.

The question is, is it alternative music or is guys in general? Is it guys that sing alternative music? Last night we saw four gals and two guys get through. The other guy that got through is an Osmond, Alan’s son David, so that explains that. The four girls sang classic rock, an old spiritual, a jazz song, and an Amy Winehouse song. Now why do they like Amy Winehouse on girls, but not alternative rock on guys?

Tuesday night, ironically, we had the same ratio; four girls to just two guys were shown going to Hollywood. The gals sing two pop tunes, Whitney Houston, and a Carpenters tune. The guys sing Marvin Gaye and John Lennon.

Do we not say every year we are sick of hearing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and the like? Some guys come in challenging that, singing a little more contemporary, and either aren’t allowed through or are scrutinized way more than someone coming in singing Superstar. I would much rather hear something a little different and newer, than I Have Nothing, Superstar, Let’s Get It On, and Imagine … again!

It seems maybe it’s not just the guys, that it’s the music. The judges say they don’t want the same old tired music either, but that’s what they let through.

Photo courtesy of Fox

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